"Before I Get To My Car" - -Episode 6

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Rhys Trenhaile and the entire Vanguard Real Estate Team!

"Before I Get To My Car" - Episode 5

Are you being SCREWED on life insurance on your MORTGAGE? Chances are you need to watch this video!

"Before I Get To My Car" - Episode 4

Debunking the all too common myth of, "I'll wait until the spring to list my house". The truth about why this is costing you buyers and money!

"Before I Get To My Car" - Episode 3

Fixed Rate vs. Variable Rate - do you know which one is better? Rhys Trenhaile drops some mortgage wisdom! Can you afford not to watch?

"Before I Get To My Car" - Episode 2

The resurgence of Ford City and Drouillard Road - is it for real? Rhys Trenhaile breaks it down. Watch now!

"Before I Get To My Car" - Episode 1

Watch the introductory episode to a web series full of Real Estate knowledge and information based on Windsor-Essex County! This series features the leader of The Vanguard Real Estate Team, Rhys Trenhaile.

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