"Before I Get To My Car" - Episode 11

There is a lot of talk out there about a pending "recession" in Canada. Well, although we expect a market correction across the country in the future, Windsor has positioned itself to be an anomaly. One of the many positive announcements recently for our area is the new Fiat Chrysler plat coming to Detroit. Watch the video to find out how this benefits us here locally. 

"Before I Get To My Car" - Episode 10

This week we're focusing on people who are waiting to buy a bigger home. Maybe you are looking to build up a bigger down payment or maybe you're STILL waiting for housing prices to come down. If property values go up another 20% this year, that's great. Your $200,000 house has gone up $40,000 and is now worth $240,000. But, guess what? That $400,000 house you have your eye on has now gone up $80,000 to $480,000. You've just lost out on $40,000. Watch this video to learn more!

"Before Get To My Car" - Episode 8

It's shocking, but people in Windsor are still waiting for housing prices to go down. Well, it's not going to happen. The global meltdown was exceptional and was the second largest global catastrophe in the last 100 years. Even with a mild recession on the horizon, we are still expecting a 15% property appreciation this year. Watch this video to learn more!

"Before I Get To My Car" - Episode 7

For those Buyers out there who have given up because of the current market conditions, we have solutions and strategies for you. Although price is a factor, it's not always the be-all end-all of a multiple offer situation. Call one of our real estate specialists to find out how we can help before you give up!

"Before I Get To My Car" - Episode 6

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Rhys Trenhaile and the entire Vanguard Real Estate Team!

"Before I Get To My Car" - Episode 5

Are you being SCREWED on life insurance on your MORTGAGE? The bank's policy that comes with your mortgage is actually an awful policy. To begin with, you don't actually own the policy... the bank does! For the other five reasons why the banks' insurance is ripping you off, contact The Vanguard Team. We'll be happy to explain.

"Before I Get To My Car" - Episode 4

"I'll wait until the spring to list my house". What happens come spring time is that everyone lists their houses at the same time. Now you have fewer buyers per listing and FAR more competition on comparable homes. If you want less competition and more buyers for your property, list in the winter! 

"Before I Get To My Car" - Episode 3

Fixed Rate vs. Variable Rate: A fixed rate mortgage has not beaten a variable rate mortgage in decades. The reason being, the economic models have gotten better and better with time. When you choose a fixed rate mortgage, you are saying to the bank, "I want YOU to take the risk". You are not paying for security, you are just giving the bank more of your money.

"Before I Get To My Car" - Episode 2

A lot of people are asking, "What's going on with Ford City and Drouillard Road?" Well, A Lot of good things are happening right now. Neighbourhoods gentrify in healthy communities. Watch the video to find out how this neighbourhood gentrification works!

"Before I Get To My Car" - Episode 1

Watch the introductory episode to a web series full of Real Estate knowledge and information based on Windsor-Essex County! This series features the leader of The Vanguard Real Estate Team, Rhys Trenhaile.

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