Kayla's passion for local small businesses runs deep, being an advocate for the small businesses that make Windsor great. She understands what it takes to take you from "side hustle" to official business, and she has an appreciation for the amount of dedication and work that goes into getting ready for the next step, whether it be your first location or expansion - Kayla is ready to help!

When you work with Kayla, you know you will be receiving a knowledgeable agent who's small business specialty revolves around market research, personal experience, and dedication.

Kayla grew up with a passion for food. Ever since she was young she's always associated her best memories with the best meals that she's ever had. Having had 16 years experience as a chef and pastry chef, hard work has never been an issue. Kayla is not afraid to get her hands dirty and work hard to accomplish her goals - and that's a promise she can make for yours as well.