A Team Approach


 At The Vanguard Team we focus heavily on internet marketing (including maximized MLS listing) because it is so critical to the success of our clients. Like any company though, it is people that make all the difference. What makes us unique in Windsor is that we are a team of specialists. Each person works only in the area that compliments their natural strengths and skills. Put simply, our people are very good at what they do. When we put the work of all of these people together into a true team approach, the results are outstanding. 


 The Team Leader is responsible for designing the overall strategy for the team, setting team and individual goals, holding team members accountable and coaching each team member. It is his responsibility to ensure the entire team is working as one. 


 The Listing Coordinator is a professional administrator who ensures that each individual listings marketing plan is executed to perfection. She tracks each and every showing and follows up with showing agents to ensure all questions are answered. Finally, she coordinates all pre-closing and closing tasks to help ensure a seamless transaction for our clients 


 The Listing Agents are the Realtors who directly work on behalf of our clients selling real estate. The agents design and implement each individual listings marketing plan, markets our listings directly to other Realtors in the community and provide our clients with expert level negotiation skills. 


 The Marketing Manager is a professional marketer who is responsible for ensuring that all of our listings marketing materials are of a world class quality and delivered on time.

What Makes Us Different?


 The Team concept is easy to understand: When you have a team of specialists, each performing a role in which they excel, the results will be greater than the sum of the individual parts. The beauty of this concept for you is that you don't pay us any more in commissions than you would to an individual Realtor. In short, you get a whole team of real estate professionals for the price of one.

The Vanguard Team is more than a Team in name. We operate in a way in which you will benefit from the skill of each Team member. However, we still aim to provide you with a personal level of service, which is why you will always have a dedicated Team member who is your go-to for anything relating to your listings. 

When discussing price, it's also worth pointing out that when you hire The Vanguard Team you do not pay us until  you sell your property for a price that meets or exeeds your goals. In other words, you are in charge, and we are here to advise you. Any and all upfront costs associated with the marketing of your home will be borne upfront by us. You only pay us when our service meets your needs. Now that's value. 

Finally, your ultimate satisfaction in the process of selling your property is our number one goal. Our business has been built largely on reputation; when past clients recommend us to their friends and family. It is our goal that you become the next satisfied client who spreads the word about the level of service we provide. That's how you know we'll always be there to help you.