"People know that Real Estate is a powerful way to build wealth, but the problem is, most people don't know how to get started in a way that works for them."

We have a team of 7 agents, each with a specific property specialty; when I first meet with a client, I help determine the best course of action, give them a clear roadmap, and guide them to the best agent to solve their property needs and challenges.

When you work with the Vanguard Team you'll get a very real opportunity at gaining financial freedom and independent wealth. We help limit your risks, while you build your real estate portfolio. We give you access to the professionals and tradespeople we've been using for years on our own real estate income properties.

In his spare time, Rhys pursues acting. His larger roles to date include a recurring role on ABC's Designated Survivor, NBC's Taken and a starring role on Netflix's My Perfect Romance.

Rhys has been a recognized sales leader in Windsor & Essex County for over 20 years and 3,000 sales credited.